Thursday, February 28, 2008

Education Show & Becta Effective Use Symposium

Today I'm off to Birmingham for The Education Show (no children allowed - at least that was the case last year) and then tomorrow for a Becta symposium on the effective use of Learning Platforms. As far as I can tell this is to move the focus beyond a vague "Spring 2008" target and think about targets of actually using the technology effectively. The day will be chaired by Ken Dyson, former lead on ICT at HMIE and will be a series of groups establishing what good practice and good principles are in the use of Learning Platforms. So far the symposium has been started by way of participants introducing themselves in the (closed) area on the Becta collaboration site. I'm due to give a brief 10 minute presentation in the early afternoon on "cross school networks and collaboration benefits" - it's after lunch so I might be talking in people's sleep. One thing that's clear from the introductions which have been appearing at regular intervals this week is the breadth of experience and tools which people will be bringing to the table(s). These include a year 3 teacher, a secondary history teacher, an Assistant Head, a head of History, a year 5 teacher, a primary school headteacher and the Chief Executive of Becta.
Anyway, I'd better get going to Birmingham and write my presentation for tomorrow.


  1. You might like to ask the BECTA representatives what they make of the BBC announcement yesterday (27/2/08) that BBC jam will no longer go forward in the future and the impact that this will have on the uptake of learning platforms now that there will be a limited amount of content available. :-)

  2. Ian, I didn't get a chance to introduce myself at the symposium. I really enjoyed your presentation Your work looks like it should be a benchmark for LEA co-ordinators to aspire to!