Monday, February 25, 2008

Examples of primary uses of Moodle

This post is in response to a comment on the Mastering E-Pedagogy post of a few weeks back, which complained

Where Oh Where can I view an example of a Primary school using Moodle for its main curriculum delivery? So far a lot of interesting talk as in 'Mastering E-Pedagogy' but not, as far as I could find, one example of children actually using Moodle or accessing from home.
I wouldn't agree with this, but since the purpose of this blog is to demonstrate what we're up to in Bucks, here are some things to keep you happy if you agree with the statement above...
First of all, start by reading Miles Berry's report on Using a VLE in Primary Education - it's a few years old now but it's the basis and inspiration for many people who use Moodle in primary, including me (for what it's worth), or if you saw his presentation at Naace last year then that's a good place to start. Don't forget that Miles has won an ICT in Practice Award for using a VLE (Moodle) at Primary. I won't pretend that our "average" primary school is using Moodle in a similar way, but the fact remains that they are using it in ways which (I hope) are appropriate. We always say to schools that they shouldn't use a VLE unless it meets a need they have, and I'd encourage any school to think of VLE/LP use in those terms.
So where are some examples of primary schools using Moodle?
You could look at any posts labelled with primary schools or even just primary. You could read an approximate account of an interview with some Year 5 pupils from Winslow Combined School about eighteen months ago (see all posts about Winslow here). You could read an article in the NCSL LDR magazine about the work done in Buckingham Primary School or simply look at all of the other posts here about BPS.
As for giving blow-by-blow examples of all of these things, it's not really possible to give examples of children logging in, since we operate a strict policy of not allowing external people to see inside school VLEs without being checked out by the school, any more than we'd let casual visitors in off the street to look around without the school's knowledge and approval.
As regards accessing from home, we have examples (again, which I won't name) of pupils using their PSPs to access their school's VLE while on holiday at their grandparents, of pupils sharing music, poetry, artwork, etc. etc., of pupils writing to their peers who are recovering at home from an operation. How about the secondary school who went to show their Year 7s how to use the VLE, only to be met with the response
We know this, we've been doing it for two years already.
I'm sure there are others, and the post I'm shortly to write about our E-Learning & ICT conference of the week before half term should give a very substantial one. This is only a quick response, as I haven't gone through everything exhaustively. In the meantime, does anyone have any more you'd care to share?
While you're thinking about that, here are some links - bear in mind we have over 160 Moodles, so I'm never going to include them all...

Note that you won't be able to access the vast majority of things on Bucks VLEs - part of the "only if you're at the school" idea. Shared resources are made available on the BucksGfL site - again, currently to Bucks users only, apologies!

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  1. I know these sites are not all open but a few screenshots of how pupils use the VLE (removing names if you need) would be a good alternative!