Thursday, March 06, 2008

Discussion session on ePortfolios

After a keynote session this morning in which I managed to get a lot of work done, I'm in a small group discussing ePortfolios. About a dozen people in a small group in the Forum...

First section: what is/isn't an ePortfolio?
  • something which contains digital assets;
  • is it more than something to just store things;
  • something in the format of a blog, with comments?
  • not something which is part of a VLE, it puts the learner at the centre;
  • owned by the learner cf. a VLE which is owned by and reflective of the institution;
  • I think we could get stuck on this bit. For a long while. Oh well...
  • in Australia, ePortfolios exist within a school and interoperability isn't as important.
Second section: how to use an ePortfolio
  • recording progress in reading;
  • recording physical development;
  • supporting teaching
Third section: where to go from here
  • what tools do we want in ePortfolios;
  • do we need tools (to create things) inside ePortfolios or not?
  • we want a space which is easily accessible, through common standards and common protocols which all ePortfolio providers should be able to access. This just came to me and I think I need to write a complete blog post on it.

I don't know if we actually get anywhere during this hour or so, but it's interesting to hear the range of views on some of the issues - unfortunately, the more - and increasingly diverse - views I hear on this the less I think a "one size fits" approach stands a chance of working, especially without clear guidance from Becta.

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