Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Governors' Meeting on a Saturday

After a bit of a lie in following a long journey back from Torquay yesterday I'm going to Cookham this morning (famous for Stanley Spencer's paintings) to speak to a conference of governors from one of our secondary schools. The school in question has been unsure about choosing a VLE for a long, long time and has committed to using Moodle. So, what would I say to them?
Just in time Mark Berthelemy posts something that's pertinent in so many ways. It's referring to adult education, but can be easily translated into the use of online learning at secondary and even primary level. Don't worry, I already know what I'm going to share with the governors, but it's useful to have much of it validated by someone you respect.
One part in particular is relevant to a post I wrote just before the flurry of mid- and post-Naace postings entitled Does a VLE need content to be useful? which provoked a flurry of comments (well, a flurry for this blog anyway), mostly in agreement. Here's part of Mark's message to senior management (emphasis mine):

Learning is not about delivering content - it is about people engaging with that content and doing something with it, such as discussing it, practising the ideas, taking a test, re-presenting the ideas etc. Some of this can be done online; some is best done face-to-face.
Nail. Head. Hit.

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  1. past wisdom + new tools = digital common sense