Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Microsoft certified" Moodle available

A brief message from Kristian Still on twitter says that SpikeSource Solutions are offering a "Microsoft Certified" version of Moodle. This follows on from (though probably isn't directly related to) the developments a few years ago where Microsoft funded the development coding so that Moodle would work better with Microsoft's database offerings.
The offering is designed to work on MS Server 2008 and registration is required at the SpikeSource site to download this. I haven't spent the time registering (I don't have spare copies of Windows Server 2008 kicking around, though if you want a free copy of Apache then you're of course welcome) but I'd imagine that the main development would be around the tuning of the performance of the underlying database - which, if you believe the appalling marketese on the SpikeSource website - means it has been spikeignited. Really? That'll be a synonym for "tweaked" then. Other spikeignited tools include Drupal, phpBB and a few others.
Through Atomwide we used to run our Moodles on a Windows server running PHP & MySQL but have since moved them all to Linux machines running Apache. I'd be interested to hear anyone's experience of running this "certified" version - as I understood it the Microsoft funding was to ensure that those organisations whose internal policies meant that they would only run Miccrosoft internally could sit Moodle on top of their databases and not have to install something like MySQL. The SpikeSource offering looks like it's a further development of that and would allow Moodle to sit easily in an organisation whose IT staff would take a sharp intake of breath through their teeth when asked to install something which didn't have an MS badge. Anyway, I'm off to ignite my phone... or something.

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