Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Poetry with Motion in Moodle

Apologies for the most obvious title for a blog posting (don't worry, you'll see why...).

Today I've been at one of our secondary schools for an introductory session to what might be known as the Bucks Poetry E-Anthology. It's the project of one of my colleagues who's undertaking our M-Level course on E-Pedagogy (which had its fourth face-to-face day yesterday).
The project works with twenty students from a number of Bucks secondary schools and allows to get them to work together to create an anthology of original poetry.
This might a 'normal' piece of poetry or it might be something which has a more multimedia bent about it - like many of Billy Collins' poems which are on YouTube in abundance.

Billy Collins is the former US Poet Laureate and our own Poet Laureate, Professor Andrew Motion, will be taking part in a workshop with the students in a few weeks time and writing an introduction to the printed anthology - more of which in a moment.
In between the face-to-face sessions we'll be using a central Buckinghamshire Moodle VLE (which allows all staff and pupils from all Bucks schools to log in) to allow the students to work together. They'll be using forums, wikis and other activities to create & plan the anthology, reflect on what they think about poetry by keeping a blog and provide us with feedback on how this might work with other similar cross-school projects. At the introductory session most of the students already knew their BucksGfL usernames and passwords and many had used the VLE in their schools - which was really encouraging. Their teachers won't be involved at all so hopefully it'll be something almost entirely created by them. The new central Moodle has over 88,000 users on it, and is essentially an amalgamation of all the potential school Moodles put together. It's an ideal tool for working on the new Diplomas (since these are cross-school), though we may host a separate Moodle purely for that purpose.
As far as the printed anthology goes, I'd like to use a service like Blurb to produce a high quality, hard bound version - this would mean we could buy a number of copies for the students involved and then they (or their parents or friends) could buy further copies from Blurb. This would prevent us from, say, buying 100 copies and then not using them all and also uses the idea of print on demand to ensure that we don't run out. Do you think it's possible for a local authority to have in place procedures which allow it to buy from a service like Blurb? No, I didn't think so either... I wonder if we'd be able to buy from the UK branch of - and if it's as good as Blurb?

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