Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Conference on Celebrating / Sharing Success in E-Learning

Tomorrow (1st October 2008) is our E-Learning conference - a slightly smaller scale than other conferences. It will last for about two and a half hours and follow a morning of presentations for our Just a Minute digital video competitions - consisting of videos of less than a minute entered from schools.
The presentations will be about what schools are doing with E-Learning - some of them major, some relatively minor, but all (hopefully) significant to the schools they're working in. Here are some of the areas that will be being covered:

  • Every Child Matters;
  • Split Site Schools;
  • Peer Assessment;
  • SEN Possibilities and Practice;
  • Supporting Able Gifted & Talented pupils.

Originally I would have loved to do an Unconference - hold it in the evening, TeachMeet-style, provide a little alcohol & snacks and a relaxed atmosphere, but it was decided that people wouldn't understand the concept or be bothered to turn up. This means it's being done during the school day and will have some elements of a TeachMeet:

  • only 7 minute or 2/3 minute presentations;
  • presentations by schools and software vendors (whose content must work within our VLE / Learning Platform system and who can't use their time as a sales pitch, but must focus on application and classroom practice;
  • no Powerpoint or similar tools allowed (e.g. simply online demos);
  • the order of presenters picked at random...
We have a range of presenters from primary and secondary schools, plus two MLD schools, and software vendors. I'm also hoping to do a presentation on the new flexible Moodle theme we're offering to schools.
It's going to be held at the Teaching & Learning Centre in Aylesbury, which (due to parking restrictions and general smallness) can't accommodate enough people for what we'd want to do. With this in mind we're going to broadcast it via our Connect server. If you'd like to attend remotely, then please email me at ian [dot] usher [at] gmail [dot] com and ask - I'll give you the URL and joining instructions, but I'm not opening up this to the world to ensure that our server can offer a suitable service, so if you want to take part, make contact before tomorrow (1st October 2008) at midday. Before the conference I'm working in a school in the morning, so you'll need to get in touch sooner rather than later.
Today I've been planning how the parallel Connect meeting is going to look (we're using another Connect server as redundant capacity in case the first one has issues) - and enjoying looking through the Adobe Connect Exchange for some great activities to enhance the start of the meeting with - in particular the Connect MP3 Player and the Welcome Map, plus a nice one up my sleeve involving sport, a softball bat, and flightless birds. If that's not an incentive to get you to attend, who knows what is?
Photo credit: PhotoMojo

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